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Oxygen Barrier

Utilizing state of the art extrusion technology, Tech II produces multilayer sheet with an oxygen barrier layer film; significantly increasing your oxygen sensitive product’s shelf life. Making Tech II the only TRUE shelf stable IML option on the market.

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Repackage Your Brand

Launch a new product, or revive your current brand with Thermoform in-mold labeling! Providing picture real graphics, stock shapes and sizes, more facings in the same space and increased billboard, T-IML is guaranteed to demand attention.

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Speed To Market

Time is money, and we’re not in the business of wasting yours. Tech II provides rapid prototyping, a stock portfolio, low minimum order quantities and a full service engineering team to help speed up and ease your transition to T-IML packaging.

Cat grass self-grow kit container by Tech 2
Shea & Coconut body butter container by Tech 2
Gracious Grits bacon grits container by Tech 2

Adjustable container depth, utilizing same tool and lid

Juniors chicken container by Tech 2

Stock families of sizes; no capital necessary for tooling

Blue and yellow Blue Bonnet container by Tech 2

BPA free and 100% recyclable

Genesis Raw dog food container by Tech 2
A golden Enstrom Almond Toffee container by Tech 2

Premium, vivid graphics that wont fade or peel

Santa Barbara Bay crab salad container by Tech 2

Trim in place technology provides a precise fit and finish

Jif chocolate frosting container by Tech 2

Oxygen barrier to extend product shelf life

Hormel bacon crumbles container by Tech 2

Reusable and dishwasher safe

The Advantages of T-IML

Thermoform in-mold labeling is the process of thermoforming plastic sheet into cavities with pre-placed plastic labels. The sheet is vacuumed into the cavities where the part is formed, labeled and trimmed-in-place. Our large, tilt bed, trim-in-place thermoformers are able to run faster cycle times with higher cavitation molds than conventional injection mold IML manufacturers. The trim in place and tilt bed technology allows the containers to be trimmed as the parts are formed, resulting in more accurate and consistent rim dimensions. Accuracy in our parts will ensure a proper overcap to container fit, carrier pocket fit and heat seal flange consistency for our customers.
The Advantages

Overcaps, Overcaps, Overcaps!

Our Overcaps

Sustainability is Our Standard

When the President of our company has a vision of living to see a world with zero trash, it’s an understatement to say sustainability is important to us. From the 100% PCR corrugate we purchase, to making products that are fully recyclable, everything we do is done with a conscientiousness to Mother Earth.


Our Efforts

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