In-Mold Labeling

IML is the finest form of decoration providing premium, picturesque graphics for your one of a kind brand.

Showcase your product with a clear overcap and a partial coverage label, or mix and match any of the optional extras.

The possibilities are endless.

  • Optional Extras
  • Metallic Inks
  • Metal Foil
  • Double-sided Print
  • Scalloped Edges

The knowledge and experience of the printing department at Tech II provides our customers with an array of decoration possibilities and options. Your packaging is the front line of advertising to your customers and we understand the importance of establishing your brand to the public. Our multitude of decoration options provide any size customer with a cost effective solution to display premium, customizable graphics.

In an industry where printers are becoming fewer and further between, Tech II has continued it’s printing department and has emerged as the preferred overcap printer.

Premium True Color Printing

The True Color printing process uses multiple in-line dry offset print stations with interdeck UV curing to produce finely detailed images directly onto preformed plastic overcaps. Very high quality graphics are obtained at a fraction of the cost of pressure sensitive labels. This decoration process allows brands to print detailed, vibrant graphics on colored and especially black overcaps.

Round overcap and container printing has been a Tech II mainstay since the ‘70s. With 18 printers dedicated to the process, our quality of print provides customers with an excellent graphic at a cost effective price.

Container - CLASSIC - 313_475

Economic Dry Offset Printing

This printing process is offset wet on wet. All colors are applied to a common blanket wet, then transferred simultaneously to the plastic overcap or container. The wet surface is then dried using UV lamps. Using spot PMS colors, our five container presses can print up to nine colors, and our 13 overcap presses can print up to 10. Dry offset printing is Tech II’s most cost effective decoration option.

Premium Dry Offset Printing

Premium dry offset printing uses a unique screening process on dry offset printers. It uses spot PMS colors to achieve continuous tone results through plate separations, resulting in photographic quality images. Other than in-mold labeling, premium dry offset printing is the most detailed decoration option available.

Skirt Printing

Skirt printing is a great way to help your product stand out on the shelf. Taking the decoration process one step further, all round, long skirt overcaps can be dry offset printed with up to two colors. This is the perfect way to denote a flavor on a pint of ice cream, or to emphasize your brand name.

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